Framework makes debut at Frame 283

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic changed practically every aspect of our lives. One of the largest cultural shifts was the radical transformation from office culture to remote working. Weeks after companies sent their employees home, huge names in a business and tech, including Twitter and Slack, announced that they would be operating largely remote permanently. But working from home soon proved to have its own unique challenges; kids doing remote schooling, roommates who are also remote working, pets zoom bombing important meetings, or just the overwhelming blurring of the line between work life and home life. 

With all of this in mind, we created FRAMEWORK- the first coworking space intended to meet the demands of the post-covid, WFH world. Located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and set to open in early 2021, Framework is an eco-friendly co-working space designed with the safety protocols of today in mind. In place of an open floor plan with shared desks and amenities, the Framework space houses 24 fully enclosed and sound-insulated individual office pods outfitted with Wi-Fi, cooling and heating, and air filtration systems. Each office ‘pod’ comes equipped with an adjustable height desk, ergonomic chair, mini-fridge, electric kettle, and French press. And of course, hand sanitizer. Bathrooms are outfitted with UV disinfecting light, a touchless water bottle filling station delivers filtered water to keep you hydrated, and a rear courtyard provides a place to get some fresh air in-between meetings. There’s even a bike rack on the exterior of each pod to hang your wheels. 

Framework is a sister project to Frame Home, a residential living company which employs the latest in eco-friendly technologies to build highly efficient, luxury apartments. Frame Home buildings are constructed with cross laminated timber, outfitted with solar panels,  and completely fossil fuel free. Their flagship building, Frame 283, opened its doors in January 2021and will house the first FRAMEWORK in its ground floor retail space.