Living Green On Greene.

Frame 283 is the flagship Frame Home located at 283 Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Frame Home develops residential spaces with an unprecedented level of commitment to responsible and sustainable living. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies including solar arrays, passive house design, insulated concrete, and cross-laminated timber, we create living environments that operate in an economical and energy-efficient manner. Combined with top-of-the-line kitchens and baths, superior laundry equipment, and private elevator entries, there is truly no home in New York City like a Frame Home apartment. Living green never looked so good.

Cross-laminated timber is a structural product engineered out of wood. CLT does not require the burning of fossil fuels during production.
Solar arrays on the roof will generate the majority of the building’s energy needs.
Passive House Design
A building standard for energy efficiency met by design practices such as super-insulation, airtightness, and passive natural ventilation.
Sub-Metered Energy
A system that allows the building owner to provide and bill for energy delivered to tenants.
Broadband Internet
Best-in-class, high-speed fiber internet.
Outdoor Space For Apartments
Every unit in a Frame Home apartment will have at least one outdoor balcony and access to a shared courtyard.
Elevator Right Into Apartments
Wave your fob in the elevator. When the doors open, you’re home.
Virtual Doorman
A combination of access control, video surveillance, and intercom devices allow residents to grant remote entry for visitors and deliveries.
Efficient Electric, Heating, And Cooling
Electric heating and cooling systems built for efficiency in place of furnaces and air conditioners.
Ensure sustainable use of your scraps with complimentary compost services.
Bicycle Storage
A bike room connected to the lobby provides tenants with easy storage for their bikes and more.